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Company Profile
IT Elite Inc is one of the fastest growing tech companies in the IT sector and a recognized service provider for wide array of industries.
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Our Team
Commitment to quality, professional service, best value proposition, quick turnaround time and client satisfaction are our top priorities.
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IT Elite Inc offers a full range of comprehensive IT services, including technology deployment services and enterprise support services onsite, nearshore or offshore.

We help organizations design, install, deploy and run their IT communications and network systems.

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IT Elite Inc provides services to a large number of companies in a wide array of industries.

We have clients in public and private sector across the nation many of who are Fortune-500 and Fortune-100 companies.

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SAS Consulting

IT Elite Inc consultants specialize in the implementation of SAS solutions. Our elite staff has used SAS technologies and In fact, the average tenure of a SAS consultant at IT Elite Inc is 10 years.

As a consultancy, we have the opportunity to work in diverse environments and understand the unique challenges that our customers face every day. Our immersion in various industries and exposure to different ways each customer employs SAS has helped us become a premier organization that specializes in making SAS do marvelous things.

As a SAS customer, you have recognized the value that good software can bring to your organization. You probably chose SAS for one or more of the following reasons

  • Data management
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Open architecture (integration)

Most of the clients our consultants work with want to use SAS for managing production processes such as risk management, financial reporting and analysis, customer intelligence or as a tool for evaluating performance against strategy. These applications tend to be mission critical and require 100% uptime to ensure that the application they have selected as their "decision support tool" solidly and reliably supports their business.

Other clients use SAS for quantitative modeling in an almost ad-hoc way. This includes analyzing data, running models, re-running and re-analyzing results. At IT Elite Inc, we understand that while there is a long continuum between ad-hoc and production analytics, the need for reliability and robustness in those processes are paramount to getting the most out of SAS.

As a consultancy, we specialize in understanding your business problems and how software like SAS can be used to facilitate problem solving. We combine our expertise in SAS, web technologies like Java and .Net, data modeling and databases, software engineering, project management and visual arts to solve problems every day. We provide solutions, not just technology counsel.

To learn more about IT Elite Inc and how we use SAS with our customers, click on one of the links below:

SAS Solution Integration - an area to explore some of the major solutions SAS offers

SAS Competency - summary of projects and skills that we have around the use of SAS

SAS Solution Integration

SAS has consistently focused on delivering excellence to many industries-especially in the advancement of decision support technology. Over the last 10 years, SAS has developed a number of solutions that target key pain points in and around specific industry needs.

IT Elite Inc believes in the "solution" concept - that a customer should get precisely what is needed to solve a problem. No extras, no less. One client may need an architect; another requires a talented expert to teach and mentor others about SAS's incredible range of data and information exploitation. For many organizations, the solution is software, services and best industry practices that solve single or myriad problems.

  • Performance Management - across departments, business units, or the enterprise
  • Customer Intelligence Solutions - credit scoring and marketing automation, for example
  • Financial Analysis and Reporting - including forecasting, budgeting, activity based costing, and risk management.

IT Elite Inc also services companies that have special analytic needs, such as:

  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical research - including statistical analysis, clinical data warehousing, and reporting systems.
  • Manufacturing - from quality management systems to warranty analysis to supply chain management.

@ IT Elite Inc, Our consultants and developers have exceptional SAS knowledge, skills and experience. If you're looking for solutions, improved decision support, or getting the most out of your SAS system, we're here to help.

SAS Competency

SAS Software is more than just a programming language or a set of application programming interfaces (APIs). SAS is a system of solutions, specifically designed for decision support. Whether you need statistical analysis and reporting capabilities, business intelligence or data warehousing tools, SAS has been a leader in information delivery for over 30 years.

At IT Elite Inc, we practice the art of software development largely around SAS. We excel at building robust, incredibly efficient production systems-of which SAS is a component of the architecture. We know how to deliver high-end analytics like forecasting, data mining and statistical analysis.

Our consultants are the elite when it comes to beating data into submission - the cornerstone of data warehousing. IT Elite Inc subscribes to the philosophy that business intelligence is an art and a science.
We envision how people think about data and information in order to create applications that create maximum value for each client.

We see SAS as a system with endless possibilities; solutions that help the data consumer make sense of her world. From data management tools like ETL Studio and cube technology, to integration components that help leverage existing technologies, to analytics and solutions that bring all of these together, IT Elite Inc can deliver your decision support goals.

IT Elite Inc offers a complete range of SAS Services for your organization.  Our SAS services include Consulting, Contract Programming, Business Intelligence Design and Implementation, and Statistical Modeling.

Consulting Services – IT Elite Inc provides SAS and WPS consulting services in the area of Needs Assessment, Technical Specification Development, Project Management, Technical and User Documentation, Statistical Analysis, Code Review, Data Mart and Warehouse Design.

IT Elite Inc provides a full catalog of flexible consulting services to meet our client’s long term and short term needs. With hands on experience in banking, finance, education and health care, we can help you turn your business strategies into competitive advantage.

SAS Contract Programming – IT Elite Inc offers both short-term and long term contract programming.   Onsite programming is only available short term.  Offsite programming is available at very competitive rates.  For long term contracts (6 months or longer) we can usually provide a VPN connection for your organization at no cost.  IT Elite Inc also provides video conferencing as part of the contract programming package. For more information on our SAS Contract Programming Services, our services are below: 

Contract Programming Services
Applications Development
  1. Systems design, planning, and programming.
  2. Marketing information Systems
  3. Customer Relationship Management Analytics (Churn Management, Segmentation Models, Customer
  4. Loyalty Models, Direct Mail/Campaign Management Models).
  5. Data Warehousing and Data Mart design and development.
  6. SAS/IntrNet usage and interactive programming
  7. INTERNET publishing using SAS.
  8. Batch / Reporting Programs (COBOL to SAS Conversions.)
  9. Interactive applications using SAS/FSP, SAS/AF (with FRAMES).
  10. Database Interface (e.g. SQL Server, DB2, INGRESS, PC based).
  11. Data visualization using SAS/GRAPH and SAS/Insight.
  12. Statistical model development using SAS/STAT and Enterprise Miner.
  13. Conversion planning, implementation, assistance (V6 to V8, V9).
  14. Cross platform and Client/Server applications (using SAS/CONNECT).
Connectivity / Platform Support
Windows PC, NT Server/Windows 2000 Server, PC/LAN, MVS, VSE, VM/CMS.
SAS Institute Software
  • Base SAS software
  • SAS/AF software
  • SAS/CONNECT software
  • SAS/FSP software
  • SAS/INSIGHT software
  • SAS/MDDB Server (OLAP)
  • SAS/SHARE software
  • SAS/STAT software
  • SAS/ACCESS software
  • SAS/ASSIST software
  • SAS/EIS software
  • SAS/GRAPH software
  • SAS/IntrNet
  • SAS/QC software
  • SAS/SHARE*NET software
  • SAS/Warehouse Administrator
Applications/Specialty Areas
  • Applications Development
  • Database Interfacing
  • Enterprise Reporting Systems
  • Executive Information Systems (EIS)
  • Macro Facility
  • Statistical Modeling and Development
  • Data Warehousing/Analytical Data Marts
  • Distributed Processing
  • Internet Query/Reporting
  • Graphics
  • Rapid Applications Development
  • DB2/MVS
  • IMS-DL/I
  • PC File Formats (MDB, DBF, DIF, Wkx, XLS)
  • Rdb/VMS
  • Sybase and SQL Server
Operating Systems
  • CMS
  • MVS
  • Microsoft Windows (Client and Server OS’s)
  • OpenVMS VAX
  • VSE
  • Client/Server
  • ImplementationData
  • Warehouse(EIS)
  • Visualization
  • Installation of Institute Software
  • Development
  • SAS Software Training
  • System Migration
  • Contract Programming
  • Design & Code Review
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Software Maintenance
  • Systems Integration
  • Data Mining
  • Enterprise Information Systems
  • Information
  • Rapid Applications
  • Statistical Consulting
  • Upgrading Applications
Industry Experience
  • Advertising/Public Relations
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health Care
  • Utilities
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